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Lean Six Sigma is part of the Toyota Production System (TPS) but, TPS is so much more than Lean Six Sigma. TPS is a complete system that engulfs the company, its suppliers, and its customers. You can approach TPS utilizing Lean Six Sigma but alone, it will not get you all the way there.

Determine your visions and goals and engage a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt to initiate the build of your Production System.  A Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt manages Black Belts, Green Belts, Industrial Engineers, and Lean Senseis to deliver performance excellence to business.

  • Define Value – what adds value to the customer and what doesn’t
  • Map the Value Stream – this gives you a view from customer order to delivery
  • Flow Where You Can, Pull Where You Must -Flow is the goal. It means that product travels from station to station without hesitation.  Pull is driven from a customer order and replaces Push which is much less efficient.
  • Perfection or Continuous Improvement – now that you are optimized, use Improvement Kata to continuously improve.

Toyota, The Best Run Company

Toyota is arguably the world’s best operated company. They have used their history and current knowledge of what their businesses to build an operating environment that has no rival. They understand the value of their people and the importance of a strong focus on learning. They accept risk when they understand the business value it will provide. Toyota overcomes mistakes only to become stronger.

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Superior Business Performance

Business strategies usually fall in one of three areas.  Operational Excellence, Customer Intimacy, or Innovation.  There are enabling methodologies for each of the three areas.

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Continuous Improvement, Policy Propagation, and Realization. Toyota’s Kata Methodology

The is how Toyota averages 4 Continuous Improvement Ideas from every employee per year. Utilize the full power of your employees intellect.

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Process Improvement Methodologies

Improving a process requires a solid methodology. Lean Six Sigma has methodologies for improving and building new processes.

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Lean Six Sigma Tools

The Lean toolbox given to a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is impressive..

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The Lean Hospital

Innovation Solutions

The hallmarks of great businesses:

Operational Excellence · Customer Intimacy · Innovation

Lean Service/Government: Advance Service and Government to Excellence

Business and Government become agile and responsive with Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma increases process velocity and quality while simultaneously reducing costs.

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Lean Production: Move Towards the Toyota Production System

Lean Six Sigma for Manufacturing Industry Improvement: Driving quality into your manufacturing organization increases the prevention of poor parts and decreases the requirement and cost of inspection.

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Lean Healthcare: Lean Six Sigma Enables Healthcare Agility

Build in agility to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing medical environment.  Increase profit margins while providing superior outcomes for patients.  Continuously improve while increasing patient satisfaction.

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