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Lean Six Sigma for the Service and Government Industries

The Service Industry is Ready for What Made Toyota Great

Experience exceptional performance improvement utilizing Lean Six Sigma

“Removing non-value adding activities increases process velocity, decreases errors, and cuts costs” – FitzGerald

“View problems as an opportunity for improvement” – FitzGerald

The Service/Government Industry is ready for Lean Service. Lean Six Sigma refers to any activity that a customer would not be willing to pay for, as a Non-Value Added (NVA) activity. Subsequently, this NVA is commonly referred to as waste. If you removed all waste then flow will increase. Think of the flow as the time between something that is ordered or asked for and when it is delivered. That is a Value Stream and as a result, you a picture of the complete process.

Do you have a good feel for your ability to deliver your products and services? Do you have enough knowledge of your processes to drive out the NVA? If your employees do not have an understanding of what non value added activities are then they do not have the capability of removing it.

By removing waste the business sees decreased cost, increased quality and satisfied customers.


Lean Six Sigma has come of age and is now aggressively applied to Service Businesses. Would your business benefit from the ability to Increase Flow, Decrease Waste.

A Value Stream gives you the insight into every process the business uses to add value to a product or service. It allows you to determine the performance of every process in the value delivery stream. It will also teach those in the Value Stream the invaluable capability of recognizing waste.  This is a first step to removing it and, as a result, this leads to impressive service improvement.

Removing the waste paradoxically increases quality, decreases process time and decreases cost. This equips customers with a quality product or service at a competitive price. Lean Six Sigma reduces operating costs hence improving net margin.

A Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is a master of business improvement. Let me lead your business to an efficient, quality driven future.

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