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Lean Healthcare for the Medical Industry

The Medical industry has complexity above and beyond other businesses

Customers pay (Insurance Companies), Health reviews are shallow (wait time), Health outcome evaluation is delayed


Removing activities that don’t add value decreases complexity, error rates and costs

“Transition to a business that loves change” – FitzGerald

Lean Healthcare teaches you how to streamline hospitals, doctors offices and suppliers.  Connect doctors to patients by increasing contact time while removing doctor looking at the computer time.  Drives responsibilities down the management chain.  Give vision into major Value Streams (first patient contact all the way to last patient contact).

The insurance company is your supplier and customerSupplier because that is where your patients come from and customer because they pay you.  What are patients then?

The head of the AMA states that if you have 10 patients with the same ailment with 10 different insurance carriers then you have to fill out 10 different forms! Lean Six Sigma refers to this as a Non-Value Added (NVA) activity. This NVA is commonly referred to as waste.  By removing waste, flow and quality increase. Think of flow as the time between when something is ordered, asked for, and then delivered. Lean Healthcare’s – time has come.

Innovation Healthcare

It’s time innovation is brought to Healthcare:

  • Patient self checkout therefore increasing patient satisfaction.
  • Just in Time arrival of hospital supplies
  • Dual bin Kanban system for supplies
  • Fill out healthcare forms for every doctor? NO, Just once with insurance company
  • 10 different insurance companies?  Build a cross matrix to fill out all insurance companies forms from one master form

Do you have a full understanding of your processes? Is there a culture of eliminating waste and continually improving practiced within the Medical Industry? Are you meeting your desired standards of delivering services?  Furthermore, are you operating with the excellence of Toyota?

Lean Six Sigma drives knowledge and efficiency into your organization creating a Lean Healthcare System.

Kata Policy Propagation, Realization, and Continuous Improvement means everyone has the responsibility and authority to improve Healthcare.

With a team of Lean Six Sigma Black and Green Belts to tackle the processes you wish to improve, through mapping the processes, you create a discovery culture to drive out Non Value Added activities or actions and remove that waste from those processes.

Removing the waste paradoxically increases quality, decreases process execution time and decreases cost therefore benefiting your patients and organization by better outcomes which subsequently addresses your insurance company’s desire to decrease cost.

Who in the medical business can become Lean:

  • Lean Hospital
    • Apply the benefits of the Toyota Production System and subsequently, clobber your competition.
  • Lean Health Insurance
    • Remove Non-Value Added Activities and therefore process claims faster.
  • Lean Clinics/Offices
    • Eliminate waiting rooms and flow patients through your office.
  • Lean Suppliers
    • Implement Just In Time deliveries to build a competitive advantage.

A Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is a master of the process. Let me lead healthcare to an efficient, quality driven future.

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