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Lean Hospital – Bring the Capabilities of the Toyota Production System to Bear on Your Hospital

Patient focused hospitals are the future.


Andon or Defect Reduction leads to a Patient Safety Program thereby reducing trial liability and insurance costs by 74%
The Theory of Constraints applies to an Emergency Room thereby cutting Emergency Room stays by 50% (81.8% of unscheduled hospital admissions come through the Emergency Department)
Standard Work  drives HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections) to ZERO
1 x 1 Flow retains 98% of nurses
Poka yoke reduces errors in surgery


Win a Malcolm Baldridge Award

Lean Six Sigma has done this and much more in today’s hospitals.

Who is your customer?

Often one goal can drive an organization to accomplish secondary goals. Become a PFH (Patient Focused Hospital).  Current hospitals primarily focus on the doctors.  Lean Business recommends becoming a PFH which as a side benefit, will improve the doctor-patient relationship as well as doctors satisfaction.

Some of the Emergency Department advantages of a Lean Six Sigma focused Lean Hospital using San Diego hospitals as an example vs. Lean Six Sigma enabled Malcolm Baldridge Award winning hospitals:


  Failures of San Diego Hospitals because they don’t use Lean Six Sigma

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A Lean Hospital sees the hospital from a patients point of view


A Value Stream looks at a Hospital system that is made of processes.  Once Value Stream performance is studied the most offending processes are targeted for improvement,  Time is then removed from processes by streamlining.  Patients spend less time in pain and have everyone at the hospital be their advocate through the PSP (Patient Safety Program).  The PSP supports patients and decreases liability and insurance costs for the hospital.

A Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is a master of the process. Let me lead healthcare to an efficient, quality driven future.

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Lean Hospital Supports Patient Focused Healthcare


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