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Sometimes a message is better delivered

through the eyes and ears:

Toyota is the Best Company

Continuous Improvement Toyota’s Method

Hospital Failures

Toyota How to Run a Company, How You Can Run Your Company

Toyota Production System for Business

Kata: Policy Propagation, Realization, & Continuous Improvement

US Steel and Mass Production

Lean Six Sigma, The Toyota Production System and Time

Production Statistics 1

Production Statistics 2

Toyota’s Secret

Lean Hospital – Using the Toyota Production System

Build Your Lean Production System

Kata – Continuous Improvement

Toyota Production System

Lean Production

Business Systems Explained

Operational Excellence Delivered

Operational Excellence

Lean Hospital Supports Patient Focused Healthcare

Control Chart Failure

The Power of a Value Stream:

Mass Production Failure

Mass vs Lean Production

Lean Production

Build a Sticky Lean Six Sigma Platform

Create a Great Business (What entails greatness for a business)

A short history of the Toyota Production System (Understanding this requires knowing the history)

Business Agility (Lean Six Sigma enables this important business capability)

Profound Knowledge (W. Edwards Deming says business leaders don’t understand their important processes)

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