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Toyota Operates a Six+ Sigma System. Toyota:

  • Has Profound Knowledge of Every Process in the company,
  • competes by maximizing Operational Excellence,
  • 10 of 15 cars held for 15 years by the original owner were Toyota’s,
  • Decreases Supplier Cost year over year

Lean Six Sigma is part of the Toyota Production System (TPS) but, TPS is so much more than Lean Six Sigma. TPS is a complete system that engulfs the company, its suppliers, and its customers. You can Approach TPS Utilizing Lean Six Sigma but alone, it will not get you all the way there.

  1. Determine and Publicize Roles and Responsibilities for ALL employees
  2. Define Value – what adds value to the customer and what doesn’t
  3. Map the Value Stream – this gives you a view from customer order to delivery
  4. Flow Where You Can, Pull Where You Must -Flow is the goal. It means that the product travels from station to station without hesitation. Pull is driven from a customer order and replaces Push which is much less efficient.
  5. Seek Perfection using Continuous Improvement – now that you are optimized, use Improvement Kata to continuously improve by averaging 11 ideas by every person per year.

Build Your Lean Production System, Replace Mass Production

Throw away the Inventory Burdened Mass Production and Move to Lean Production.  Connect Production to Customers.  Integrate closer to Suppliers.

Build a Lean Production Manufacturing System

Manufacturing Improvement

Manufacturing Improvement requires a Constant Upward March of Sigma Improvement.  Seek Perfection and Constantly Remove Waste.

Seek Manufacturing Greatness Through a Continuously Increasing Sigma

Business Improvement

What businesses call Fat is what Lean Six Sigma refers to as Waste, and businesses are full of it. If you Operate like Toyota, you Constantly Get Rid of Fat, march towards Perfection and Build a Culture of Winning.

Constantly Remove Fat, Create a Culture of Excellence

Healthcare Improvement

Europeans Using Single-Payer operate at a cost of 9% of GDP.  Americans operate at 17% of GDP.  Is that sustainable? Get a jump on being the best, least costly, and Leanest Healthcare Provider.  Seek Perfection, create a winning culture, decrease HAIs, and expand surgeries.

Adopt Change Every Day and Improve Processes

Government & Military Improvement: Advance to Excellence 

Make the Government and Military Agile and Robust with Lean Six Sigma. Increase Process Velocity and Quality, while Simultaneously Reducing Cost.  Optimize Supply Chain deliveries to Just-in-Time and build a Culture of Excellence.

Excellence Through Streamlined Supply Chains, Remove Fat

Hospital Improvement

Hospitals are Complex and Slow to Change in an environment of rapid change, Pandemics, and future radical changes such as Single-Payer.  Hospitals must Become Agile, Robust, and Lean, to SurviveLean Six Sigma and the Tools of the Toyota Production System can Lead you into the Future.

Become a 6+ Sigma Hospital

Lean Six Sigma Tools

These are 14 strategic Lean Six Sigma Tools. I discuss the inputs and outputs of each tool.  You can find more details regarding these tools on the VLOG page.

14 Key Lean Six Sigma Tools

Build Your 6+ Sigma System Using the Tools of The Toyota Production System

Transform Your System to 6+ Sigma with Profound Knowledge of all your ProcessesConstantly Remove Waste or fat.  Take your system to 6+ Sigma and Operational Excellence::

  • Manufacturing
  • Business
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Military
  • Hospitals

Use The Power of The Toyota Production System

Continuous Improvement.  Rate: 11 Ideas/Person/Year to Your System; Direction: In a Business Defined Direction (Toyota’s Secret)

This Continuous Improvement Methodology directs 100% of Change to a Business Vision or Challenge. Utilize the full power of your employee’s intellect.

Continually Improve Towards Perfection


The Best Systems excel by focusing on Operational Excellence, Customer Intimacy, or Innovation. The greatest companies focus on two or three areas.  Use the Innovation Methodology of Silicon Valley.

Innovate Following Silicon Valley Excellence

Profound Knowledge

Profound Knowledge means understanding the Performance, Cost, and Quality of every process in your system.  Toyota does, and it is one reason they have the Leading Automobile Manufacturing System.

Understand the  Cost, Quality, and Process Velocity of Every Process

Great System Hallmarks:


Operational Excellence  ·  Customer Intimacy  ·  Innovation

System & Process Improvement Methodologies

The road to greatness requires Improvement Methodologies.  These methods are tested and used daily throughout the world.  This a step to greatness.

Rock Solid Process Improvement Methodologies

An Extensive but not Complete List of Lean Six Sigma Tools

These tools are used by Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts and Black Belts to create excellence in Systems.

Lean Six Sigma Tools Used to Build Excellence


Lean Six Sigma Statistics

Statistics take you through the DIKW path.  This path moves you from Data to Information then Knowledge and finally to Wisdom.  The challenge is that you can put any data into any statistical program and get a result.  If you use the wrong Statistic, the answer is not Wisdom, but invalid results and conclusions.

The Right Statistics for the Data Produces Wisdom

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