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Change Drives Excellence

Toyota averages one accepted change per employee per quarter.

Fujio Cho, a former CEO of the Toyota Motor Company set out to write a book encapsulating the Toyota Production System which Toyota internally calls the Toyota Way. After working on this effort for 10 years he decided that he could not write a static book about a dynamic company.  Like a Balance Sheet that captures a financial performance at a point in time he decided he needed a to write a book focusing on a single point in time.   This solved his problem and he authored the book: The Toyota Way 2001. Of course, this book does not describe Toyota in 2017 but it at least gives you some insight into the excellence that is Toyota.

Change does not happen on it’s own.  If there is not a corporate philosophy that ingrains change as a workforce solution, then change is hard.  If I work to make my job disappear and I am successful and I am laid off, then no one else will work for that.  Authoritative management sees themselves as the experts with no needed input from individuals that operate the processes.

A business that is not changing is falling behind.  Every competitive business that is accelerating ahead will be distancing themselves from you if they are constantly changing.

Accelerate Forward

Investigate putting a continuous improvement program into your company.

The concept of Continuous Improvement must be laid on a business culture that will accept it.  It is the rank and file that will bring valuable change.  If the relationship is adversarial, then the Continuous Improvement effort will fail.  An adversarial relationship can change, but it takes work and desire.  If the relationship between levels of management is respectful then your business is ripe for a Continuous Improvement Program.

It is difficult to exactly quantify the value of a Continuous Improvement program because benefit values are not predictable.  However, the value of not changing is quantifiable.

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