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Business Agility

Business Agility means that your business is able to react quickly to a changing business environment. Let me give you an example. The total time it takes Toyota from concept to manufacture of an automobile is three years. The total time for GM is five years. So if GM creates a really great car concept it will just take Toyota three years to replicate it. If Toyota creates a really great car concept it will take GM five years to replicate it.

Part of the requirements for a business is that it perform activities to put itself in a leadership position. However, there are other times when someone makes a move ahead that you have to quickly respond to. With Business Agility, a business will react quicker to the impacts of a pandemic or other unanticipated business changes.

I will give you another example. I once worked for a company that had a very good software product. They were resting on their laurels for quite a while until another software company with a similar set of products, except their product was introduced as a software as a service. It took the company that I work for way too long to change directions.

Above all, Business Agility means being able to engage the whole workforce to change directions quickly.

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