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House of Quality or Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

The House of Quality is a rigorous multi step process that simplifies and bulletproofs decision-making when building a solution. Subsequently the House of Quality inputs are:

  • Customers,
  • Engineers or Innovators, and
  • Competition

In addition this process takes you through six rigorous steps that in the end give you all the justification needed to select a project angle. Once you have that angle selected you have incorporated these 6 QFD Steps:

  1. Customer Requirements,
  2. Competition,
  3. Engineering Solutions,
  4. Engineering/Customer Relationships,
  5. Correlation, and
  6. Key Conclusions

Consequently this methodology guarantees that you have correctly considered all important angles. You have evaluated all of the relevant solutions. Lastly the impacts of correlations, product or process characteristics along with the competitions influence.

In Conclusion this will give you a design of a product or process that has been evaluated from all the important angles. The House of Quality in not difficult to execute but it does have rigorous steps.

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