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Kaizen Event is Outdated

Kaizen Event is Outdated due to slowness. When you look at the best Continuous Improvement program you’ll see that it operates much faster and more efficiently than Kaizen Events. Above all Toyota’s Kata Continuous Improvement, Policy Propagation, and Realization have two capabilities that greatly exceed the ability of the Kaizen Event.

Kata’s two advantages are:

  • Improvement Velocity. This program generates about one idea from every person in the company a month. If you have a thousand employees Kata will deliver about 33 ideas a day.
  • Improvement Direction. Kata delivers improvement ideas in a business benefiting direction. The direction could either be a vision or a challenge. An example vision might include removing non-value adding activities, an example challenge might be to increase process performance by 20% within two years.

Consequently, Kaizen Events are outdated because if you look online will find out that there are about a thousand different processes to do a Kaizen Event. Above all, my conclusion is that a Kaizen event is:

  • too slow,
  • too complicated, and
  • not standardized.

Lastly, this presentation goes into this argument in a little more detail:

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