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Lean Six Sigma Statistical Inference

Statistical Inference is the use of statistical methodologies to derive information from data. It is on the path to wisdom. Generally the acronym used is DIKW or data, information, knowledge, wisdom. Consequently Statistical Inference moves you up from data to knowledge. How you use that knowledge demonstrates wisdom.

The challenge with statistics in general is that you can run any data through any statistical package. However, you will only get to knowledge if you use the correct statistical package. I’ve read that 50% of doctor studies use incorrect statistical methodologies.

Do you assume data is normally distributed or had he tested that? Has sampling been done randomly and is the sampled population uniform for the metric your testing? Are you testing for central tendency or distribution? How are you going to address outliers? Answer these, and other, questions before you start. Otherwise failure is inevitable.

There is a short distance from data to wisdom. Unfortunately there is also a short distance from data to a wrong conclusion.

This presentation overviews Statistical Inference:

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