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The Value Stream is Exceptionally Powerful

The Value Stream is an extremely important concept that pervades any system. It provides a focus on the value the system delivers to customers as well as gives you Profound Knowledge of your system.

Certainly all systems contain Value Streams which contain Processes. Processes contain Activities. All of this together is what makes a system hum.

The concept of a Value Stream is relatively simple. Consequently it is merely an aggregate of all the processes existing between a customer order and a product or service delivered. The Mapping of a Value Stream is the process of documenting everything about a process including performance, quality, and time delivering value.

Above all the time through a Value Stream is an important metric. To improve this metric you need to have Mapped your Value Stream. This will bring to the surface the processes needing improvement that would subsequently improve Value Stream performance.

This video demonstrates how a counties building permit process can be improved:

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