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Lean Hospitals

Lean Hospitals are the hospitals of the future.

Hospitals exist in a dynamic environment. Insurance companies pay them, patients rate them, and doctors select them. Hospitals support patients with complex medical procedures and recovery plans but hospitals also still damage patients. Liability issues drive up costs.  There are extensive cost controls in place and increased competition. Medical equipment costs are increasing along with the patient population.

Hospitals have traditionally been Doctor focused.  Many of the individuals running hospitals were former medical providers. The challenge with being Doctor focused is that it conflicts with being patient focused.  If hospitals don’t change, they run the risk of decreasing profitability, increasing patient harm, and increased insurance rates.

Move Your Hospital Forward

Lean Business believes that hospitals must become Lean to compete.

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) applied to hospitals can realign the hospital focus to the patient which subsequently also benefits doctors and insurance companies. LSS creates efficient processes by focusing on and removing non-value added activities from processes. LSS is also utilized to redesign processes for efficiency.

Lean Hospitals have:

  • returned to profitability,
  • decreased insurance costs,
  • garnered business from competitors,
  • decreased to zero HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections),
  • filled up hospitals, and
  • so on

The road to becoming a Lean Hospital takes effort and time. Benefits aggregate over time so it is important to start now.

View a related video on Lean Hospitals here:

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