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Lean Six Sigma – Create an Agile Business

Competition is stiff and always napping at your heels.

Virtually every business has aggressive competitors. Coupled with that is the fact that the market that you are selling to is ever-changing. If you can change as fast as your market, then your business must be managed optimally. Of course, no business could be managed optimally but, an agile business is able to respond quicker to market changes and competitors moves.

There is not a quick recipe that a business leader can use to become near instantaneously agile. Market and competitor changes blindside businesses. How well you react to this is a measure of business performance. If your business changes direction like an aircraft carrier instead of the speedboat then you end up in a situation where you are constantly chasing instead of leading.


Lean Business believes that business agility is a key to competitiveness. Lean Six Sigma is the vehicle to use to attain agility.

Toyota can change the model car is producing on its assembly line every 47 seconds. It takes General Motors eight hours. Toyota, through the use of its Toyota Production System (its use of Lean Six Sigma), is able to react much quicker to changes in the business environment.

Lean of Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that removes waste from business. Waste is any effort that does not add value for a customer. There are many different forms of waste but to give you a couple examples:

  • waiting for a computer screen to appear
  • walking to get paper for printer
  • redoing a document because of an error

When a business learns to recognize waste and has the fortitude to remove waste then a business is agile.

An agile business response quicker to market changes and competitor innovations. This leads to increased business opportunities and decreased business risks.

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