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Creating Your Vision to the Future

Lean Six Sigma affects processes by:

  • Removing Activities that do not Add Value,
  • Decrease Process Cost, and
  • Increase Process Quality.

Above all utilize Lean Six Sigma to lead Businesses to Operational Excellence.

Use the tools of the Toyota Production System to create Excellence.

Innovate using the Silicon Valley Innovation Tools to move past your competitors.

Description of How Toyota Does It

Toyota is a 6+ Sigma company.  Subsequently, they did this by building a production system that should be the envy of any operating entity.  Who can benefit:

  • Manufacturer Operational Excellence,
  • Business Operational Excellence,
  • Government Operational Excellence,
  • Healthcare Operational Excellence,
  • Military Operational Excellence, and
  • Hospital Operational Excellence.

A Very High-Level Plan, Each a Competitive Advantage that Makes Toyota Great:

  1. Build your Guiding Principals (Detailed and Explicit Information) – Directing Janitors to the CEO towards Excellence,
  2. Map your Value Streams (Detailed and Explicit Information) – Focus on Value Delivered and Govern with Metrics,
  3. Identify Areas of Flow (Detailed and Explicit Information) – When one Process Finishes the next Process is Ready,
  4. Use the Pull Methodology when Possible (Detailed and Explicit Information) – Pull Means the Process Requests the Product or Service When they are Ready. Pull is faster than Push, Which Means Every Process goes as Fast as Possible,
  5. Seek Perfection (Detailed and Explicit Information)
    1. This is Toyota’s secret and how come they will never be caught,
    2. At an Idea Generation Rate of: 11 Ideas/Year/Employee,
    3. Idea Direction: Only in a System Benefiting Direction, also
    4. A winning culture as everyone is involved in System Improvement.
  6. Integration with Suppliers leading to price drops (Detailed and Explicit Information),
  7. “andon” Continuous defect eradication (Toyota’s other secret) (Detailed and Explicit Information) (currently Toyota has about 800 andon halts per year per plant).

As a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, I Lead Black Belts, Green Belts, and Industrial Engineers that Increase Business Efficiency  by Removing or Limiting Actions That do Not Add Value for a Customer. Also, as an expert on building a Production like Toyota bringing that expertise to customers.

Philosophy of Leadership

Ready businesses for improvement through their strategic plan to their execution of value added activities.

About a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

The Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (LSSMBB) leads a team of 3-6 or more Black and Green Belts
in delivering quantifiable value to your business.

  • Firstly, articulate the value of Lean Six Sigma to executives
  • The go between execution teams and Executive Management
  • Subsequently keep executives updated
  • Initiate training plans
  • Above all verify projects tie back to company strategic plans.  Do this continuously.
  • Guide the project selection committee
  • Further ensure relevant stakeholders are represented
  • Determine Champions, process owners – clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Secondly resolve conflicts
  • Align Lean Six Sigma to projects
  • Interview Lean Six Sigma Black and Green Belts
  • Certainly help match Lean Six Sigma Black and Green Belts to projects
  • Derivation of Critical Success Factors
  • Derivation of success metrics
  • In addition verify goal attainment
  • Support building a change welcoming culture,
  • As a result bring your business to a pinnacle of success
  • Support teams to eliminate roadblocks
  • Oversight project management is especially relevant
  • Goals
  • Strategies
  • Progress
  • Reporting
  • Costs with Controller support

In Conclusion

Create a winning culture and build a program of Continuously Improving towards perfection. Use my knowledge attained from Villanova University to drive customers to Excellence.

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