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Advanced Production Statistics

Advanced Production Statistics moves you from Data to Information to Knowledge and finally to Wisdom. You can use any statistical test in any formula, so use the right test.

The biggest challenge with statistics is not applying a statistical methodology to data but applying the correct statistical methodology to the data. About 50% of medical studies using statistics, use the wrong statistical methodology. The challenge is that you can put any data in any statistical test and come up with an answer.

You must answer your statistical questions before you start your analysis. What are you looking to find out? Do you want to know if your sample accurately represents the population? Finally, are you concerned with the distribution of your test data?

Important questions to consider regarding advanced production statistics:

  • firstly, is your data normally distributed or not,
  • is your data discrete or continuous,
  • what is the best probability distribution that models your data,
  • are you worried about central tendency or distribution,
  • above all should you engage a statistician or not,
  • are you worried about treatments, and
  • so on.

Test NameWhat is testedTest StatisticGoalDistribution Requirement or Test
ANOVAMeanF-StatisticMeasurement variationNormal
Gage R&RMeasurement Variation   
Kappa AnalysisRepeatability & ReproducibilityK-StatisticTest measurement errorNone
Anderson-Darling Normality TestNormal distributionA-Squared p-ValueDo samples conform to a normal distributionTests against normality
BinomialProbability of discrete eventsp-ValueProbabilities of discrete eventsAssigns discrete probabilities
One-Sample Proportion TestMeanZ-StatisticStatistics of discrete eventsZ Distribution
F-TestVarianceF-StatisticValuable when deviating from normalityF Distribution
Mann-Whitney TestMediansW-Statistic Z-StatisticNon-parametric test. The mean of  samples are the sameNot Normal Distribution
Levene’s TestVariances are equalL-StatisticNon-parametric test. Variances are the same.F Distribution
Mood’s TestMedianchi2-StatisticNon-parametric test. Medians are equal. Chi2 Distribution
Friedman’s TestTreatmentsF-StatisticTreatments are equal Chi2 Distribution

In Conclusion

Advanced Production Statistics represent the tools needed to move from data to wisdom. Bypass the challenges and march towards wisdom today.

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