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Lean Six Sigma for Government-Military Improvement Systems

Above all Experience Exceptional Performance Improvement Utilizing Lean Six Sigma and the Tools of The Toyota Production System

“Government-Military Improvement is accomplished by removing non-value adding activities increases process velocity, decreases errors, and cuts costs” – FitzGerald

“View problems as an opportunity for improvement” – FitzGerald

The Current State of the Government and Military

The government and military have a fiduciary responsibility to their benefactors, citizens, or taxpayers to spend their money wisely. They currently do not run lean and operate with lots of waste, in other words, fat with an expensive supply chain that is underperforming. The government and military both operate systems. Systems supply and protect citizens. Consequently, the Government and Military leaders do not have a Profound Knowledge of their processes, Toyota does.

The system is complicated by politics, leaders that don’t understand the “business”, and a general malaise that things can’t get better. This leads to a bloated government and military that is not continually getting better. It leads to unhappiness within the benefactors and a general feeling by citizens that they are not doing a good job. Finally the Government and Military do not know how to become Lean.

The Future State of Government-Military Improvement

Lean Six Sigma creates Operational Excellence leading to Government-Military Improvement. Toyota has a full employment policy and is still able to accomplish this. Firstly I recommend that the government and military look at the excellence that can be delivered by using the tools of the Toyota Production System and Lean Six Sigma. Subsequently, Lean Six Sigma and the Toyota Production System are powerful tools applied to any system. Build your Lean Government and Military Systems.

Government-Military Improvement Benefits include:

  • a new system wide culture,
  • constant defect removal,
  • above all, Profound Knowledge of every process,
  • increase the flow through your system,
  • certainly aggressively work with suppliers and support them,
  • create Operational Excellence,
  • focus on the value you deliver,
  • in short, seek perfection

By removing waste the system achieves decreased cost, increased quality, and satisfied customers.

Government-Military Improvement , In Conclusion

Through Government/ Military Improvement a Government and Military can improve their standing with their benefactors, that is to say, operate with Operational Excellence. Subsequently engaging my company will bring to you the solutions of Lean Six Sigma and the Toyota Production System. Finally the government and military operate systems just like Toyota does. Subsequently, Produce a system as highly efficient as the Toyota Production System.

The Tools of Lean Six Sigma Used to Create a Lean Government and Military:

For example the Power of a Value Stream and How the Government-Military Improvement Improves:

Lean Six Sigma Value Stream

Government-Military Improvement means Agility since Lean Six Sigma shows you where to improve:

Business Agility

Government-Military Improvement relies on having Profound Knowledge of your system and in addition to Lean Six Sigma tells you where to improve:

Profound Knowledge
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