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Hospital Improvement

Hospital Improvement is Patient Focused and are the future.

Operate your hospital like Toyota runs their business

Current State of America’s Non Lean Hospitals

Firstly Hospitals are constantly under threat from unanticipated and anticipated changes in direction. They exist in a unique system and therefore must be built to adapt to changes upon that system. Hospitals are part of the medical system which means that it’s hard for them to determine who their customer is, patient, doctor, or insurance company. Subsequently, it’s difficult for a hospital to determine where their next threat is coming from, virus, single-payer, or something else unanticipated. That is to say, the only thing you know for sure is your world will be different 10 years from now.

Hospital management and hospital employees are still overwhelmed with yesterday’s battles. That is to say, change is rightfully considered a bad word in the hospital. The culture and hierarchical structure create a challenge to change.

Lack of ability to address healthcare system changes will consequently catch hospitals flat-footed and unable to react quickly to the unknown challenges ahead.

Future State of America’s Lean Hospitals

Lean Business believes that Hospital Improvement means becoming robust and agile. That is to say, Robust means that a hospital is able to adapt to a changing external environment with minimal effort. Secondly Agile means that the hospital is able to move quickly to adapt to the same changing environment.

Lean Six Sigma creates Operational Excellence which is above all, a competitive advantage for hospitals. Toyota takes about three years from concept to production of a new car. It takes General Motors about five years. Toyota is agile and I highly recommend that hospitals adopt the benefits of the Toyota Production System. Above all visit the link below which takes you to a webpage that helps explain Single-Payer Hospitals and shows you how to build your System with the tools of The Toyota Production System:

Benefits of Hospital Improvement

Benefit – Hospital Improvement leads to a hospital system that is robust, agile, therefore, more productive, and less costly to operate. Your hospital will:

  • firstly react quickly to unanticipated future changes,
  • decrease the rate of Hospital Acquired Infections,
  • that is to say, have profound knowledge of your processes,
  • become the go-to surgery center,
  • focus on creating value for your patients,
  • decrease the cost of the shadow hospital such as insurance and lawyer costs,
  • create an emergency room that rights sizes service delivery to emergency and non-emergency patients,
  • above all, decrease your operating costs,
  • increase patient flow velocity throughout the hospital,
  • certainly continually improve at a rate of about 12 improvement ideas per year by every person employed in the hospital,
  • instill a culture of greatness,
  • and so on.

How the Toyota Production System can Increase Patient Flow

Moreover, An Improved Hospital Operates with Increased Patient Flow (6 min):

Toyota Production System for Hospitals

An Innovative Emergency Redesign

Hospital Improvement means adopting a More Efficient, Less Costly Emergency Room

Emergency Room Redesign for Efficiancy

A Hospital Patient Safety Program

Increasing Patient Safety improves a Hospital. It determines that it is of paramount importance to patients, how about hospitals? Infecting 1 out of 31 patients with a hospital disease is terrible. How about if Toyota had 1 out of 31 parts defective. With 30,000 parts in a car, they wouldn’t make it off the yard. Toyota fixed their defect problem with an andon program, so should hospitals.

Hospital Patient Safety Program

Single Payer Hospital Goals and Strategies

Hospital Improvement can take the lead of European Hospitals. This overviews a Study of Single-Payer Hospital Goals and Strategies. How come they cost less and generate better health outcomes than US hospitals. It all starts with Goals and Strategies.

Single Payer Hospital Goals and Strategies

Single Payer Hospital Study

Do you want to see how the Single Payer hospital system operates relative to the American hospital system? Hospital Improvement requires process improvement, not more stuff. Watch this video for a look at a Single-Payer Hospital.

Single Payer Hospital Study

In Conclusion

Above all, Hospital Improvement uses Lean Six Sigma to create a Lean Hospital through attaining Operational Excellence which creates a competitive advantage. Hospitals are challenged as time moves forward and therefore hospitals must change to adapt to that challenge. It is possible to adapt to rapid change while maintaining or improving safety levels. Engage Us:

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