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System and Process Improvement Methodologies

Every change requires a tried and true methodology, most importantly, these are used for Lean Six Sigma

DMAIC for process improvement and DMADOV for a new process/product/service

DMAIC – Process Improvement

Define -The start of process improvement is certainly the planning and selection process.

Overarching Principles
  • Firstly, Start a Project Charter – perform preliminary work to the best of your capability
  • Flesh out communications plan and structure
Operational Activities
  • Select team members
  • Select expertise not on team
  • Determine schedule (first pass)
  • Above all Build Value Stream Map or Departmental Value Stream Map
  • Attain executive sponsor
  • Build executive team
  • Document alignment to strategic plan Tools
  • Strategic Plan
  • Tollgate check-off
  • Update management

Measure -Verify that actions taken are only on quantitative data.

Overarching Principles
  • Continue Project Charter work
  • Communicate Operational Activities
  • Certainly, document Suppliers-Inputs-Process-Outputs-Customer (SIPOC) for each process
  • Devise data collection plan
  • Target processes and verify Value Stream Map data blocks
  • Determine measurement errors
  • Collect data
  • Document baseline Tools
  • Tollgate check-off
  • Update management

Analyze -The process improvement journey from data to information to knowledge to wisdom.

Overarching Principles
  • Continue Project Charter work
  • Communicate Operational Activities
  • Above all, analyze data
  • Dig down into target processes
  • Analyze SIPOC
  • Determine Value Added and Non-value Added Activities
  • Re-evaluate scope
  • Define waste
  • Look for waste
  • Update project charter
  • Tollgate check-off
  • Update management

Improve -Take analysis results and devise solutions, document and promote.

Overarching Principles
  • Continue Project Charter work
  • Communicate
Operational Activities
  • Likewise devise solutions
  • Select solutions
  • Implement solutions
  • Pilot solutions
  • Build to-be Value Stream Map
  • Measure and quantitative solution(s)
  • Document
  • Develop implementation plan
  • Socialized implementation plan
  • Execute implementation plan Tools
  • Tollgate check-off
  • Update management

Control -Process Improvement controls needed to make the value added design stick.

Overarching Principles
  • Communicate
Operational Activities
  • Similarly devise control metrics
  • Mistake proof where possible
  • Devise training plan
  • Training
  • Identify and document lessons learned
  • Determine control metric reporting plan:
    • frequency
    • metric
    • control value
    • measured value
    • report recipients
  • Devise “Out of Control” remediation plan
  • Final presentation delivered
  • Final report delivered

DMADOV – Build a New Process/Product/Service

Define – Characterize the breath of the process improvement accomplishment

  • Define customer (internal and external)
  • Acquire customer requirements
  • Gather needs
  • Identify the business case for the project
  • Create project charter
  • Above all Build Success metrics
    • Product/process/service
    • DMADV process
    • Project Management
  • Develop project plan
  • Form the team
  • Translate customer requirements to Critical to Satisfaction (CTS)
  • Assess risk

Measure – Today’s and tomorrow’s process/service limitations

  • Certainly translate customer requirements into engineering requirements
  • Translate functional requirements to design parameters
  • Develop/evaluate design alternatives
  • Resolve design conflicts
  • Flow down system designed to subsystems
  • Assess risk

Analyze – What can we change and to what extent for process improvement

  • Develop transfer functions
  • Develop system capabilities
  • Subsequently generate concepts
  • Evaluate concepts
  • Analyze trade offs
  • Assess design gaps
  • Select concept
  • Most importantly, test concept to Voice of the Customer (VOC)
  • Assess risk

Design & Optimize – Generate solution and iterate to improve

  • Compare product/process/service capability vs. VOC
  • Moreover design solution
  • Optimize the product/process/service design for:
    • Robustness
    • Manufacturability
    • Assemblability
    • Serviceability
    • Reliability
    • Testability
    • Environment
  • Optimize tolerances
  • Certainly design process control plan
  • Mistake proof design
  • Assess risk

Verify – Finalize and control

  • Verify product/process/service performance
  • Monitor system capability
  • Implement design and process control plans
  • Develop transition plans

In Conclusion

Use these tools to transition process states to ones of significant improvement. If you really want to become great, press the button to go to a website that guides you to greatness by adopting the tools of the Toyota Production System:

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