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The Toyota System is Six Sigma

The Toyota Production System tools built a Six Sigma System for Toyota. As a result, your company will constantly increase flow, decrease defects and decrease costs. Your system will achieve high levels of Sigma performance. The resulting excellence includes:

  • Increased Profit Margins,
  • Accelerated System Flow,
  • Increase Quality,

and subsequently leading to a Culture of Greatness. Subsequently, staff up with Black and Green Belts and remove waste (or fat) to Flow. Each Black Belt averages about $1M in savings every year. Applying Toyota Production System to Manufacturing, Business, Government, Hospitals, and Military.

  • Subsequently Manufacturers increase Sigma levels to new levels,
  • Businesses most importantly remove fat (or waste), thereby increasing flow velocity and increasing margins,
  • Government focus on performance therefore increasing operational capabilities,
  • Hospitals decrease costs, deliver less harm to patients, increase surgeries, and increase patient flow and,
  • Above all the Military improves supply chain performance, and decreases operating costs.

Toyota was not always great, and they still have challenges. They know they lack perfection which does not stop them. Toyota constantly uses its Tools to accelerate past, and stay ahead of its competitors. Subsequently, they try to approach perfection by collecting about 11 improvement ideas per every person, per year strategically directed to a system benefiting vision or challenge.

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