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Lean Business vlogs

Table of Contents

Build Your System Using the Toyota Production System Tools. Toyota is a 6 Sigma Company.

Build Your Toyota Production System – Manufacturers, Business, Government, Military, Hospitals (7 min)

Build Your Toyota Production System (40 min)

Toyota Production System, Lean Production Overview (9 min)

Cost of Quality vs Sigma

Toyota Production System Performance Metrics

Lean Six Sigma Manage by Value Streams

The Best Continuous Improvement Program

Kata: Policy Propagation, Realization, & Continuous Improvement

Toyota’s Secret

Continuous Improvement and Automation

Manufacturing Improvements

Build Your Lean Production System (16 min)

Assembly Line Stress Methods

Mass Production Failure (8 min)

Mass vs Lean Production

Lean Production (8 min)

Business Improvements

Businesses are Run With Knobs

Business System Explained

Operational Excellence Delivered

Business Agility

Profound Knowledge

Military Improvements

Military Supply Chain is Broken

Hospital Improvements

The Reason Hospitals are Failing

COVID-19 Epidemic Emergency Room

Lean Hospital – Using the Toyota Production System

Lean Hospital

Hospital Failures

Hospital Patient Safety Program

Hospital Flow Modeling and Simulation

Hospital Administrators – You Might be in Trouble

Major Lean Six Sigma Tools

Lean Six Sigma Tools: Project Charter

Lean Six Sigma Tools: Statistical Inference

Production Statistics 1

Production Statistics 2

Value Stream Power

Lean Six Sigma Tools DOWNTIMES – Waste and Fat

Lean Six Sigma Tools: House of Quality

Lean Six Sigma Tools: FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)

Lean Six Sigma Tools: TRIZ

Lean Six Sigma Tools: Brainstorming and Brainwriting 6-3-5 Opening Minds to Idea Generation

Lean Six Sigma Tools: Fishbone Diagram

Control Chart Failure

Lean Six Sigma Tools: Kaizen Event is Outdated

Single Payer Hospitals Outpace American Hospitals

Single Payer Hospitals Goals and Strategies



Herd Immunity – How it Can be Handled Well, or Poorly

COVID-19 Simulations are Hard

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