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If you are operating today exactly the way that you operated yesterday, how will you ever achieve perfection? Perfection is not achievable because what is perfect today is not perfect tomorrow so it is an ever changing target. However, some of the very best companies are continuously chasing that target. If they are operating closer to that target than their competitors, then they are winning.

Attaining perfection requires more than just management commitment, it also requires management responsibility. If management cannot articulate the value of continuously moving towards ever increasing goals then the company will not move.

The company that is moving towards perfection is moving towards greatness. The company that does not focus on continually improving, will start to lag behind those companies that do. The separation of those two companies in the future will just increase.

The Road to Perfection

Lean Business believes that there are two paths to perfection and that all companies should look to Lean Six Sigma as the enabling vehicle on the ride to ever increasing business performance.

The first path to perfection is a path that any company, no matter how big or small, can accomplish. That is by installing a Continuous Improvement program within the company. Business performance is increased, employees are engaged and business nimbleness is enabled. Toyota receives 1.5 million Continuous Improvement ideas a year and implements 95% of them. Think of the competitive advantage that gives Toyota.  Toyota has a program and methodology around Continuous Improvement, and you should also.

Continuous Improvement is not limited to small improvements however, by implementing an Innovation Program within your company, you will have a program focused around larger steps to perfection.

Through Continuous Improvement and Innovation you will march your company towards the attainable goal of increasing business performance. This will enhance your competitive position, decrease your costs, and ultimately increase your stock price.


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