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Push Authority and Responsibility Down the Chain of Command

Work is not progressing as fast as you’d like. Time is misspent either in meetings, or making decisions regarding simple things, or you’re fielding questions constantly during the day because you are the one with all the answers. That is the challenge that is usually seen with a Control Freak. If you believe that you are the only one that can answer difficult questions, then ultimately you are a constraint on business performance.  Responsibility and authority must match.

How do you select a manager?  Most of the time it was because the manager was exceptional at doing the work of the group. Everybody knows about the Peter Principal. But that’s not really what I’m talking about here. If I think that I know how to my workers job better than they do, I could be right.

If I have eight people working for me and I can do their jobs better than they can and I feel uncomfortable turning them loose, then my job becomes the job of at least three people.

Optimize Responsibility and Authority

Lean Business believes that if authority and responsibility are pushed down the chain of command business productivity improves at a lower cost.  Managers should be responsible for developing the capabilities of their employees.

A company’s employees are often their biggest expense and also their greatest opportunity to improve. Businesses need to develop a strategic program to manage their employees. The goal of the program should be to optimize the value of every employee. While a business looks for every opportunity to automate simple and complex tasks they should also be looking how to best use every displaced employee.

There are two entities that are supposed to be able to evaluate the capability of employees. One is their manager, and the other is Human Resources. Managers have a much more holistic view of an employee’s capabilities than does HR. Therefore HR needs to teach managers the tools to develop the growth potential in employees and also manage growth paths for employees.

This positions a business to approach the future with the optimal capability. Employees experience enhanced satisfaction and programs run more efficiently.

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