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The Key to Concept Generation – TRIZ, A Lean Six Sigma Tool

The business has a product they are developing that has inherent contradictions.  An example of a contradiction could be volume of an object vs. the weight of an object.  Or the speed of a product vs. the temperature of the product. Needing to decrease the weight of an object while increasing the volume is an example or analogy that designers run into all the time when designing a product.  Can you quickly overcome a product contradiction?  What keeps you from using TRIZ?

The current entrenched method of design concept resolution is using the smartest thinkers to cogitate and come up with solutions.  If you are a design guru do you want to give up your status to a process?  Do you have the capability to analyze every option?

This leads to a slower and more expensive design process.

Lean Business Explains TRIZ

Lean Business recommends introducing TRIZ into the design process.

TRIZ is the Russian acronym for “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving” and as a structured innovative method is based on the analysis of 40,000 patents.  The findings determined that there are only 39 “contradictions” that are the conflicts and 40 “principals” that are the how the contradictions were resolved in the 40,000 patents.

TRIZ improves products by lowering their development costs thereby increasing benefits to the business. The methodology is based on the concept that most root problems have previously been solved in some manner, be it in another industry, situation or through the use of some other technology.

Technical systems evolve for the better.  TRIZ follows the belief that by minimizing the introduction of resources and contradictions design will improve for the better.


Leveraging prior work leads to accelerated, less costly, and robust product design. TRIZ promotes the following:

  • Creating new design solutions
  • Resolving design contradictions
  • Increasing design options

By using the inventions of others to support the design process your design process will accelerate.

For more details, review this presentation of TRIZ for the pharmaceutical industry.

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