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Value Stream – Walk before Talk

You are a CEO and have never walked your Value Streams. Walk before talk.  A company exists to take either material or information and add value to it. The system in your company that creates value is called a Value Stream. It starts with request and ends with product or service. Between those two states are where your company adds value. If you are the CEO of a company have you ever gone to the gemba or place where value is added? If you haven’t, it’s time to start.

As a CEO, you are a very busy person. There are many things pulling you in one direction or another. Maybe you believe that things are operating so smoothly, you don’t need to see it. If you have never walked a value Stream then how your company creates value for your customers is only theoretical.

Find Where Your Company Adds Value

Lean Business recommends that each CEO walks their companies Value Streams, takes notes and keeps an open mind.

Determine how many major Value Streams your business is running. Then, determine the frequency you would like to visit each Value Stream. How often you visit each Value Stream can be dependent upon how many Value Streams you have. If you have three Value Streams then once every 18 months is probably adequate. But, during an 18 month period there should be lots of changes.  Changes that reflect in your financial statements.

Walking the Value Streams gets you in touch with the individuals that are actually adding the value to your products and services that your customers pay for. It gives you a perspective of value and where it lies in your company. You may even get a feel for where a good investment lies.

Though this video is over an hour long it has value though probably not for a CEO.

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